1. 01:44 9th Oct 2012

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    You, and I, and everyone around us, we all have an unlimited, immeasurable potential. It is only up to us to take action and believe in ourselves in order to achieve our dreams.

    Thought it necessary to re-post this. We all need a reminder sometimes.

  2. Daily Review - July 14th, 2012

    - 9am: Wake up, eat, watch Kevin Hart stand-up comedy
    - 11: Dentist appointment
    - 12pm: Haircut
    - 1pm: Pizza for lunch, shower, drop off Phillip, go with dad to flooring shop to look at carpet options for the house, go to Costco to get glasses fitted and buy new storage unit
    - 3pm: Relax
    - 4:30pm: Design garden for lblawntogarden.com program
    - 7: Hangout with Bao, very good time.
    - 9: Finish designing garden

  3. Daily Review - July 13th, 2012

    - 6:30am: Wake up, breakfast
    - 8: Math discussion
    - 9: Math lecture
    - 11: Lunch
    - 12pm: Research,
    - 6 or 7pm: Meeting with Alison for All-UCI Battle
    - 8pm: Relax
    - 9pm: Clean apartment
    - 11pm: Go home to Long Beach!
    - 12pm: Watch “Castaway on the Moon” with the girlfriend! Thank you @jwyn for the recommendation.

  4. Daily Review - July 12th, 2012

    - 8:30am: Wake up
    - 9: Breakfast
    - 10am: Research: prepare UV-vis sample, run kinetics experiment on UV-vis-NIR machine, plot absorbance data, set up phendioxime synthesis
    - 4pm: Late lunch
    - 6pm: Get out of research
    - 6:15-11:00pm: math homework
    - 11: Go home
    - 11:15: Look at laptop reviews; Sony Vaio S series is tempting
    - 12:30am: Sleep

  5. Daily Review - July 10th, 2012

    - 7am: Wake up
    - 8:30am: Sign paperwork for new job at the UCI Student Center
    - 8:45am: Study math
    - 10am-6:30pm: Research: run kinetic experiment tracking rate of reaction, completely phendioxime synthesis, reprint phendiamine IR spectrum for further analysis
    - 7pm: Cook dinner with girlfriend and study
    - 9pm: Study at Starbucks
    - 10:30pm: Dad dropped things off
    - 12pm: Sleep

  6. Daily Review - July 9th, 2012

    - 6am: Wake Up
    - 6:30: Breakfast
    - 7: Work on PowerPoint & organize BBA files
    - 7:10: Read personal development articles
    - 8: Math discussion
    - 9: Math lecture
    - 11: Lunch
    - 12pm: Research: looked at IR spectrums and matched peaks with literature, run another synthesis reaction, perform an NMR, run calculations
    - 7: Go home, eat, relax, realize coffee spilled in my bag and got into my laptop and try to clean it
    - 8: Dance
    - 10: Buy a bag of rice to put my laptop in, hangout with the girlfriend
    - 12am: Bedtime!

  7. Daily Review - July 8th, 2012

    - 11am Wake up
    - 12pm eat brunch
    - 1pm Read “1Q84” at Peet’s Coffee
    - 3pm Take a look at IR spectrums taken during research
    - 3:30pm Read again
    - 4pm Grab dinner to-go and head to campus
    - 4:30pm Eat while watching R16 Korea bboy battles
    - 5-10pm BBoys Anonymous board meeting
    - 10pm Finish watching R16 bboy battles
    - 11pm Read “1Q84”
    - 12am Sleep

  8. Daily Review - July 7th, 2012


    - 10am Wake up (can’t keep doing this)
    - 11am Breakfast
    - 12pm Work on this Tumblr (thank you all for following!)
    - 2-5pm Read “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami
    - 5pm Hang out with the guys

    It was a relatively relaxing day even though I still got things done. Most importantly, I had time to myself to enjoy a book and time to connect with friends. I’ve allowed myself at least one of these days a week and they have definitely helped decrease my stress levels.

  9. Daily Review - July 6th, 2012


    - 6:30am Wake up
    - 7am Study for calculus midterm
    - 8am Math discussion
    - 9am Math lecture and midterm
    - 11am NMR training
    - 1:30pm Lunch
    - 2pm Research: run 6 IRs and clean glassware
    - 7pm Choose a theme, edit (and relearn some) HTML for this blog, connect blog to Facebook, Twitter, and Disqus
    - 10pm Relaxation

  10. Reason for this blog.


    You may be wondering why I have a new blog. You may not even know I had another blog to begin with. You may not even know me. You may not even read this entire post. However, none of that matters, really.

    My reason for this blog is that I have a large aspiration to inspire. It seems we all like new beginnings. I honestly felt that my previous Tumblr became more of, well, less. Thank you if you understood that sentence. If you didn’t understand, well I wasn’t quite sure how else to word it and I’m sorry.

    I’m the type who enjoys sharing my thoughts—you may have seen this in my previous blog—and I prefer content over anything else. I prefer reading original posts to looking at reblogged pictures and quotes. I enjoy seeing that people are capable of thinking for themselves rather than have others do it for them. I’m sure you can relate.

    Now, back to the matter at hand.

    This blog will be used to document my days toward success. What is this success I speak of? I haven’t the slightest clue. But this blog will keep an organized record of my journey including what I do each day, my thoughts, goals, ideas, philosophies and activities I partake in such as dance and reading.

    The goal is to share what I learn and experience and—ideally—inspire others. I want to inspire others to take action, to keep an open mind, to try something new, to pick up a nice book and enjoy some time alone, to know that they can achieve anything as long as they stop complaining and work harder.

    If you’d like to follow me on my journey, please support, follow, and even reblog me.

    My sincere thanks,

    - David Ly Khim